Quick way to setup Audio System Gain Structure

The Quick way to setup Audio System gain structure

  • Turn the amp input levels off
  • Turn the mixer Main output faders off
  • Use a test signal or program material that is constant on a mixer channel
  • Set channel input gain so the PFL readout  is around -0- unity
  • Turn off the PFL
  • Raise the main output faders until the main out level on the meters is about at -0- unity
  • Now raise the amp input levels until the clip indicators just come on and then back down a bit
  • Note do not  overload the speakers just to see the clip light come on, turn the amp up to the max level they can handle or is loud enough for the room. 
  • Run the main faders around 0 and mix with the channel faders as needed

By doing this the system is set for the best signal to noise, headroom and you know when the amps are at clip point by the main output meters on the mixer.

Note: Other devices in the signal path may be effected by this and need to be set for the level changes.