2012 Worship Tech Roundtable

Here is the overview of what we discussed at this years Worship Conference.

I will post a heading weekly and start the discussion with some product details and usage tips,

your comments and suggestions are welcome.

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Mixer Brands

  • Presonus
  • Yamaha
  • Soundcraft
  • Allen & Heath
  • Berringer

Sound Board

  • Setting gain Video link
  • Aanalog vs digital mixers
  • Setup operation
  • Pros/Cons
  • Mixer Location
  • Near Field Monitors


  • Sennheiser Headphones
  • Westone Earbuds

IEM Systems 

  • Aviom
  • Roland
  • Berringer
  • Hearback
  • In ear monitors advantages


  • Direct to Computer
  • Direct to Digital Recorder
  • Split direct from wireless receiver

Wireless Mics 

  • Sennheiser

Head Mics 

  • Countryman

Mics for stage pickup

  • RODE NT 1
  • PZM mics

Drum mics

  • PZM Plate mic Sennheiser, Shure

Stage Lighting 

  • Led lights color Temp
  • Conventional Lights
  • Ac and cooling requirements
  • Placement
  • Stage coverage zones

Lighting Control

  • Simple DMX Controlers
  • Difficultities with setup and operation
  • Elation
  • ADJ
  • ETC Element & Smartfade

HD VideoMixer

  • Atem Television Studio
  • NewTek Tricaster
  • RSG Roland…Edirol


  • WME
  • Flash

Video distro

  •  Video over cat5

Speaker Systems

  • Line Array vs Conventional
  • Speaker placement, coverage issues
  • Amp settings how to set input level


  • Bolts for mounting Hitachi projector


  • No Ground lifts
  • No Y cords