Getting Setup to Webcast using Windows Media Encoder

  • Go to the links and download the software for Team Viewer and Windows Media Encoder
  • Call or send me your Team Viewer login info and I will be able to do most of the set up remotely
PC Computer with:
  • 1 gig or more ram
  • Dual or quad core (T2130 1.87 dual core works fine)
  • DV (firewire) in or video card with video in
  • Wired network connection dsl or cable
Audio out from the mixer to connect to the computer:
  • Limiter to help with the peaks
  • Mixer with LR line level outputs (RCA or 1/4″)
  • 3.5 trs to LR (RCA or 1/4″) cable for the the computer input
Video Camera:
  • DV out or Video out
  • DV cable or RCA to RCA
  • Tripod with smooth friction (fluid) head


If you need  help with this setup or what to use let me know!
You will be contacted to setup your account and get the link for your Webcast
Add the webcast link to your web page as a button or menu item
– Watch Live –          
  • Make sure your event times are listed  so people know when the webcast is on
  • To keep archives of the events you will need to upload the files to your server
  • Or another online location
  • You will need the URL and password  to FTP and upload the files
  • The web page will need a menu that lists the events by day or date


  • The Leawo software is used to convert the archive files to mp4 format
  • This will allow video streaming of the services that are saved on the server
  • For viewing on computers and  most mobile devices
  •  iPhone and iPads will not play the live stream of the service
  • The WME  file must be converted to mp4 and uploaded to the server
  • For viewing on these devices….after the service
  • Android phones with a video player like MX Player will play the live stream……
  • It takes awhile to load but it does work
  • Newer Android devices may need  to get this player from the Play Store

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