The Audio Video Light systems are an important part of the connection with the people who attend the event, watch and listen online or access the archived media.

Typically these complex systems are operated by non professional volunteers that have minimal training to …. just make it work.

When system issues occur during an event the volunteers are not able to do much more than just get through it.  This results in a poor live presentation, with bad sound and video, and lack of a quality recording for people that are unable to attend.

There is a large investment in the equipment, installation and time to train people to run it. People have high expectations of the Audio Video and Light presentation.

    -The  important questions to consider are:

  • When is a system problem going to occur?
  • What is the real cost of poor quality or failure?
  • Who is going to fix it when it fails?

    -With proper design,  installation and training the system will:

  • Work
  • Sound and Look Good
  • Be Easy to Operate

As a bonus the booth will look better, be safer and more comfortable for the Audio Video Light team.​


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